Ultimate Portland Pie Guide

Pies That We’ve Tried
* A star indicates that we recommend eating pie here.
** Two stars mean we SERIOUSLY recommend it.

Last updated: January 15, 2014

*Back to Eden Bakery Boutique: 2217 NE Alberta, Portland. Very highly rated vegan bakery on Yelp. We tried the lemon coconut cream pie there and we really liked it. Their offerings vary day-to-day, but they usually have a pie or two on the menu. Read our review.

**Baker & Spice: 6330 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland. Amazing hand pies, and we hear the actual pies are even more amazing.  Hand pies are seasonal and availability will vary, depending on what fruit’s available. Whole pies are available for special order and holiday orders and they are available for walk-in customers on Fridays, Saturdays and sometimes on Sundays. Read our review.

*Banning’s Restaurant & Pie House: 11477 SW Pacific Hwy, Tigard. Wide variety of pies, all pretty decent. Read our review.

Beaverton Bakery: Multiple locations. A Portland area staple for years, better known for their cakes and donuts. Based on the pie we tasted, can’t recommend it at this point. Read our review.

*Bipartisan Café: 7901 SE Stark, Portland. A great stop for coffee, pie and sandwiches. Read our review.

*The Country Cat: 7937 SE Stark, Portland. Southern-style cooking at its best. One of our favorite restaurants in town. Pie is not always on the menu, but if you happen to see it as an option, don’t skip out. We had the Braeburn apple pie, which was sinfully sweet and delicious.

Davidson’s Casual Dining: 12830 SW Pacific Hwy, Tigard. We tried their apple pie a while ago, it’s decent. Just don’t try the “22 cent” pie.

The Dessert Tray: 11950 SW Broadway, Beaverton. Known mostly for its cakes, but they offer pretty decent marionberry, key lime and coconut cream pies as well. Read our review.

*Divine Pie: Available at the PSU Portland Farmers Market. “Sharing size” pies using all raw, live, whole food ingredients. Gluten free, dairy free and refined-sugar free. Although not a “traditional” pie, they do a fantastic job. Read our review.

*Helen Bernhard Bakery: 1717 NE Broadway, Portland. A full service bakery that’s been around since 1924. We haven’t done an official review, but if memory serves correct, they serve up some very serviceable slices.

*The Honey Pot Bakery: Multiple locationsWe tried a small sampling of their pies and sausage rolls when they were located in Bend, now they’ve relocated to Portland, a place that truly appreciates good pie, and they’re growing with a new brick and mortar location on N. Mississippi. CLOSED as of October 16, 2013

Grain & Gristle: 1473 NE Prescott, Portland. Great establishment and they seem to offer a pie option on a regular basis, but based on the blueberry lemon-meringue pie we tried, we weren’t impressed. The meringue was very heavy in our humble opinion, which we don’t see as a virtue in meringue.

*JaCiva’s4733 SE Hawthorne Ave, Portland. They are known for their cakes and chocolates, but we had their apple pie at a party. The pie was purchased at Zupan’s, so we’re not certain if pie is regularly available at their location. But, the apple pie was very solid. Good crust with sugar granules on top and the apples had the perfect texture.

**Lauretta Jean’s: Multiple locations. A rising star on the Portland pie scene. Delicious. Read our review from before they had a storefront. As an update, we just stopped in @ their new SE Division location and tried a slice, which was exceptional + the biscuits are AWESOME!

*Lovin Spoonful Pies: 7825 SW 35th Ave, Portland (Multnomah Village): A take and bake sweet pie shop, they also have it by the slice + coffee now. We’ve tried the take & bake, it seemed like it had good potential, but we kind of screwed up baking it😦 .

*New Seasons Market: Multiple locations in Portland metro area. Considering how much we love everything else from New Seasons, the pie is probably pretty good, too. In addition to the pies that they make, you also might find pies and other treats from other local bakers in the New Seasons dessert area.

*Olympic Provisions: 107 SE Washington, Portland. They’re known for meat, but meat goes in pie. We’d be remiss not to seriously recommend their pork rillete hand pie. Our reviewer loved it, and so did Food & Wine Magazine – they named it one of their top restaurant dishes in 2010. Read our review.

The Original Dinerant: 300 SW 6th Ave, Portland. Offer slices of their pie of the week. We tried a few of their cream pies and were not especially impressed, but if you’re downtown, it’s a good pie spot nonetheless.

**Pacific Pie Company: Multiple locations. Delectable Australian meat pies and pasties, plus they’ve added delicious sweet pies to the menu now as well. They offer frozen pies to take home and they are now a full service restaurant as well with adult beverages. Read what we’ve written about them.

Pied Cow Coffeehouse: 3244 SE Belmont, Portland. Pretty solid pies and a fun place to hangout, but limited selection. Read our review.

**Pie Spot: 521 NE 24th Portland. Cup-pie (or “pie hole”, as they call them) specialist, good crust and creative flavors. They’ve now made the leap from food cart to full on bakery! Read what we’ve written about them.

Pine State Biscuits: Multiple locations. Highly recommended, just not for the pie. They have pecan pie on the regular menu and it’s decent, but we’re not fans of the chicken pot pie. Read our review.

**Queen of Hearts Baking Company: Available to pick up at multiple locations. A dedicated gluten free bakery, whose specialty is pie. Read our review.

**Random Order Coffeehouse: 1800 NE Alberta, Portland. Portland’s most decorated (and deserving) pie joint. They are the whole package, all-butter crust, all local ingredients, excellent sweet and savory pies and they have fantastic coffee and are open late. Read what we’ve written about them.

**Salt & Straw Scoop Shop: Multiple Locations.  Innovative ice cream shop that incorporates pie into its flavors occasionally. Now also baking their own excellent hand pies. Read our review.

**Screen Door: 2337 E Burnside, Portland. We love their pie almost as much as their fried chicken, even though we haven’t gotten around to writing an official review. Their dessert menu varies, but since it is Southern-cuisine, pie is on the dessert menu usually. We had a pear/ginger pie that was fantastic and the Pecan Pie is sublime.

Shari’s: Multiple locations in Northwest. Hey, Shari’s is the what got us started on pie, so while there’s always a place in our heart for Shari’s, we wouldn’t “recommend” it over the many exceptional places that are in the Portland area. Read our review.

*Sweet Things by Julie: White Salmon, WA, available @ multiple locations in Hood River & Portland-area stores. Offer fresh pies and frozen unbaked pies. We’ve tried the frozen ones @ home and were very impressed by the crust.

*Sweedeedee5202 N. Albina, Portland. Breakfast and lunch spot. According to Yelp reviews & their website, appears to have some very good-looking pie options.

**TILT: 3449 N Anchor St., Ste. 200, Portland. Real good trucker style fare with Portland flare on Swan Island. A second location in the Pearl is in the works. Well known for their burgers now, but the pie is just as good.

Tom’s Pancake House: 12925 SW Canyon Rd, Beaverton. We’ve only tried their 22 cent pie promotion. Based on that, we can’t recommend it. Read our review.

**Whiffies: Multiple locations. Portland’s popular late-night fried pie cart. They’ve developed a cult-like following, and it’s not just because they’re open late – the fried pies are good and they are never short on creativity for fillings. Read our review.

*White Rabbit Bakery: 21368 Hwy 99E, Aurora. Terrific little bakery in Aurora, Oregon that offers gluten free pie options often. Available by the slice or whole (limited supplies usually). We’ve tried a few slices and they are pretty darn good… although, we’ll be honest, the cinnamon rolls & gluten free donuts are favorites here.

*Woodlawn Coffee and Pastry: 808 NE Dekum Street, Portland. We’ve only tried their chocolate cream pie. It was a solid pie, although the filling was a little “pudding-ish”, meaning it didn’t really stand up on its own like a great chocolate cream pie does (IMO). But, it wasn’t bad, not bad at all, and we would definitely try their other pies. Plus they get very solid reviews on Yelp.

Pies We Want to Try

Annie Pies: Portland’s own mini-pie subscription service!

All Jarred UpSW 2nd & Stark. Pie in a jar from a food cart. 

Bakery Bar: 2935 NE Glisan, Portland. They are cake-mongers for most of the year, but it sounds like they whip up some delicious pies for the holidays.

Bakery Bites: The oldest “diabetic-friendly” bakery in the Portland area (no-sugar added). UPDATE: They are only operating as a wholesale bakery now – no storefront location.

*Bakeshop5251 NE Sandy Blvd., Portland.  The owner, Kim Boyce, has won a James Beard award (kind of a big deal) for her pastry recipe book Good to the Grain and her pie recipes were featured in Bon Apetit. It looks like she is serving up a wide variety of pastries, but it appears that pie, in some form, will make a regular appearance.

Black Sheep Bakery: Two locations in Portland and they sell at Portland Farmer’s Markets. Popular vegan bakery. They focus more on muffins, cakes, etc., but you can special order pies from them.

Byways Cafe: 1212 NW Glisan, Portland. Diner fare, not sure if they serve their pie by the slice, but they have whole pies available for special order.

Campbell’s Barbecue: 8701 SE Powell Blvd. Rumor has it they make a killer sweet potato pie.

Costello’s Travel Caffe: 2222 NE Broadway, Portland. It doesn’t look like pie is a guarantee here, but it appears that they have pie available in their dessert case on a limited basis.

Cheery Pies: Special order and at Dinihanian’s Farm Market on Cornell Road in Beaverton. Upstart pie-baker currently selling by order and at limited locations. They do have some pie of the week / pie of the month subscription options, which is a cool option of you ask me. They are also available for holiday orders, naturally.

Crave Bake Shop: 460 5th Street, Lake Oswego. They are known more for cupcakes, but do pie as well. Owner Kyra Bussanich won Cupcake Wars on the Food Network in 2011 with her gluten free cupcakes.

Di Prima Dolce: 1936 N Killingsworth, Portland. Italian bakery. Pie, per se, isn’t offered as a regular menu item, but they have some very pie-like tarts it looks like. They also do special holiday orders of pie in the biblical sense.

*Grand Central Bakery: Multiple locations in Portland & Seattle. Probably the best small-chain bakery in the Northwest and they offer whole pies, hand pies and even pie shells (availability varies).

His Bakery: Two locations; Portland and Oregon City. Wide variety of whole pies available.

Hoffman Farms Store: 22242 SW Scholls Ferry Rd., Beaverton: A farm stand out in Beaverton that makes fresh mini “cup” pies.

Huber’s: 411 SW 3rd Ave, Portland. Their specialty is traditional turkey dinner, so they have pumpkin pie, naturally.

*Ken’s Artisan Bakery: 338 NW 21st Avenue. Not sure if they have pie on standby all the time, but they make a variety of pastries, and it looks like they usually have tarts. Ken is a very well-established pastry chef, so this is bound to be good. They offer holiday pie orders.

*Kenny and Zuke’s Delicatessen: Multiple locations. Jewish-style deli with the best pastrami and reuben in town. They serve pie, too – offerings change daily. Everything else is good here, so we’re going to assume the pie is good, too.

Little Pots and Pans: Grab-and-go savory “tarts” (they look enough like pie to me, though) offered at coffee shops and grocery stores throughout the Portland area, and available for purchase online.

Little T American Baker: 2600 SE Division, Portland. One of the top craft bakers in Portland, looks like they focus more on breads and pastries, but they have a turnover, some tarts and a Turkey Pot Pie on the menu.

London Pasty Company: Cartlandia Food Cart Pod, SE 82nd and Harney. Pasty specialist serving British-style pasties. Claims to be “authentic British food”.

Lovejoy Bakers: 939 NW 10th Ave, Portland. Excellent bakery in Pearl District offers pie at its cafe.

Merhi’s Bakery: 6923 SE 52nd Ave, Portland. Full service bakery, mostly fruit pies.

Mother’s Bistro & Bar: 212 SW Stark, Portland. A Portland institution, they always have a pie of the day on the menu.

New Cascadia Traditional: 1700 SE 6th Ave, Portland. Gluten free bakery with traditional pies (apple, pumpkin, peach, etc.) available seasonally.

Ohana Hawaiian Cafe: Located in Portland and Milwaukie. At their NE Portland location, they have a separate dessert and shave ice shop, where they serve Hawaiian-style pies with macadamia nut shortbread crust.

Oma’s Bakery: Homemade pies available for special order in Portland, specialty is sweet potato.

Overlook Restaurant: 1332 N Skidmore, Portland. We hear these guys are old school (which is usually good when it comes to pie), and they have a wide variety of pies.

Palio Dessert House: 1996 SE Ladd Ave., Portland. Their specialty is key lime pie, don’t know if they offer anything else pie-wise.

Papa Haydn: Multiple locations. Pie selection varies. Banana cream pie and berry cobblers usually on the menu.

Peachtree Restaurant & Pie House: Multiple locations in SW WAshington + new downtown Lake Oswego location. Has been around since the 70s, under different names (including the Plush Pippen). The Columbian has named them “best homemade pies” in Clark County.

Petunia’s Pies and Pastries: SW 12th and Alder, Portland. New retail location downtown now open! Gluten free and vegan baker. Also available @ multiple locations around the area.

Piece of Cake Bakery: 8306 SE 17th Ave, Portland. Limited menu, mostly focused on cake (hence the name), offer apple-marionberry pies/mini pies and key lime pie.

Pieku Pie: Served at various shops throughout the Portland area and available by special order.  UPDATE: According to Twitter feed: On Permanent “Pie-atus”…

Podnah’s Pit: 1625 NE Killingsworth, Portland. What’s good BBQ without pecan pie?

Rimski-Korsakoffee House: 707 SE 12th Ave, Portland. An eclectic coffeehouse that reportedly has solid pies.

Russell Street Bar-B-Que: 325 NE Russell St, Portland. One of our favorite BBQ joints in Portland. They have pecan pie, naturally, and a variety of fried pies.

Saint Cupcake: Multiple locations. They make a good cupcake, so the pie is probably good, too. I’m not sure if it’s a staple at any of their locations, but they do now have pie available for holiday orders.

Saraveza: 1004 N Killingsworth, Portland. Awesome bottleshop and their specialty for food is pasties (which we count for pie).

Scratch Cafe: 1120 SW 3rd Ave, Portland. A lunch joint downtown that has pot pies (chicken, beef, vegetable) on its regular menu.

Stone Pie Joe’s: Location on NW 23rd closed. Delivery available and sold at multiple locations in the Portland metro area. Hand-held savory pie specialist, no sweet pies.

*The Sugar Cube: 1212 SE Hawthorne Ave, Portland. One of the best dessert spots in town. They don’t always have pie, but try it if they do.

Sugar Mama’s Coffee Cafe: 539 Sw 13th Ave, Portland. Small breakfast cafe downtown, they make all their baked goods from scratch. Looks like pie is a regular dessert offering. The reviews on Yelp are solid.

The Swamp ShackSW 5th Ave & SW Stark St, Portland. They make crawfish pies that are receiving good reviews on Yelp!

Tula: NE Alberta and MLK, Portland. Gluten-free, allergy-friendly spot that serves pies and tarts.

Two Tarts Bakery: 2309 NW Kearney, Portland. They only make tiny cookies most of the year, but around the holidays they do special pie orders… and the pie is as good as the cookies, look out!

Wildwood Restaurant: 1221 NW 21st Ave, Portland. Their regular dessert menu changes monthly and doesn’t appear to always include pie. They offer special orders for the holidays, though.

Willamette Valley Fruit Co.: 2994 82nd Ave NE, Salem. A fruit company in Salem that also sells frozen pies around the area. They do have fresh slices available at their Salem location.

This list is compiled based on Web research and on our own reviewers’ experiences. It is comprehensive, but by no-means is it complete, so if you have any suggestions about great places to eat pie in the Portland metro area, please comment below. Better yet, submit a pie review!

7 thoughts on “Ultimate Portland Pie Guide

  1. come by the saturday farmer’s market in the PSU park blocks and try some raw pie! (gluten free/dairy free) my website is above, maybe you can link me in to your list?


  2. I cannot believe the comment made about “Papa Haydens”; as it is the best place for dessert in the entire town! No they don’t make Grandma’s apple pie, they make it better!


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