Pi Day 2011 Rundown



Portland Pi Day Deals & Events

Read our Ultimate Portland Pie Guide for more information on Portland Pie Purveyors.

Laurelwood has $3.14 Pie
Laurelwood Brewing is offering slices for $3.14 at their brewpubs.

The Original Dinerant
Follow The Original on Twitter (@theoriginalpdx) and they will be tweeting out math and dessert-related questions. The first 40 to answer correctly will get a free slice of pie!

Pi Day Bike Ride
Some folks over on Yelp are organizing a Pi Day bike ride. It starts at Random Order Coffeehouse and will also include Bipartisan Cafe. Visit Yelp for details.

Whiffies Tests Your Memorization Skills
Whiffies, Portland’s favorite fried pie cart, is offering 10 cents off for each numeral of pi that you can remember on Sunday, March 13 and on Tuesday, March 15 (they’re not open on Mondays). I think Whiffies pies run around $3 to $4, so that means you need to memorize about 30 to 40 numerals – so get to work! Free pie! To help you prepare, check out this website: http://3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375105820974944592.com/.

Random Order Discounts
Random Order will offer $1 off each slice on March 14. They’ll also have their famous Irish Coffee’s for just $5 next Monday through Friday (for St. Patty’s Day!).

Pi Day Celebration at Lewis and Clark College
The serious math nerds will be at this one, as the Mathemetical Sciences Department at Lewis and Clark College hosts its Pi Day Celebration on March 15. But, it sounds like a pretty awesome event. It will include math competition for junior high students, pie baking and eating competitions, perfect circle drawing, and pi recitation contests! Awesome!

Morton’s Key Lime Pie for $3.14
Morton’s Portland will be offering their Key Lime Pie throughout the night (and in both the dining room and the bar) for $3.14.

Take yourself on a “Portland Pi Crawl” on Pi Day!

Meanwhile in Seattle…

– CakeSpy and Four and Twenty Blackbirds are joining forces to hold the first ever PIE SLAM on March 14. It’s like a Poetry Slam, except you have to bake a pie and your poem has to center around pie! Visit CakeSpy.com for details.

High 5 Pie will offer a “flipside” pie for $3.14 on March 14.

On the Web

Serious Eats + Instructables Pi Day Contest
Enter to win a custom etched iPad by creating the coolest-looking “Pi” themed “Instructable” on how to make pie. You can submit a step-by-step instructable, a photo instructable or a video instructable.

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