Pie Review: Costco Bakery- Peach

This is a pie that happened to cross my path a couple of times in the last month. Costco has a reputation of producing pretty decent pies in its bakeries. A lot of people often opt to get its pumpkin pies instead of making them for Thanksgiving. I put them in the category of “pies that work, but don’t amaze.” I’d say their peach pie falls in that category as well.

Presentation-wise, this was a good looking pie, it had the classic criss-cross top crust and sliced fairly clean.

The crust was pretty decent. It was on the thicker side, which I tend to prefer. However, in the two instances that I had this pie, I noticed that there was definitely some sogginess in the crust and it was a little mealy. However, this may have had to do with how long the layover from purchase to consumption was, and I don’t know what that was since I didn’t purchase them.

The filling was fine, nice plump slices of peach and that’s about all there was to it. Pretty sure they came from a can, though. They probably added a little bit of spices and syrup, but it was pretty much all peach. The peach slices were a little thicker than I’d like, but they were cooked to a point that was nice, not too crispy and not too mushy.

Overall Rating: 2.5 out of 5. When I get stumped on rating a pie, I try to think, if someone gave me five slices of this pie – how many of them would I eat? I would probably eat 2.5 slices of it. For a large-scale commercial bakery like Costco, this wasn’t a bad pie. They do a good job of giving the pies a touch that makes it feel homemade, but the soggy/mealy crust was definitely an issue I can’t look past.

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