Pie Review: Packer Orchards – Rhubarb

There’s a lot of pie to be found at farmers markets in the Portland area. I found two pie purveyors at the Beaverton Farmers Market. Pacific Pie Co. is selling its delicious Australian meat pies at the market, but also there was Packer Orchards.

Packer Orchards is based in Hood River, Oregon, where they’ve been in operation since 1924. They added their fruit stand and bakery in 1992. Now they sell jams, jellies, butters, sauces, syrups, pie fillings, cookies and more. Oh, yeah, and fruit.

They participate in a ton of farmers markets around the Portland area, and even beyond, in Astoria and Bend. To find them, check out their schedule.

I picked up a mini Pear Sweetened Rhubarb pie. Visually, this was a lovely looking little pie. It had a granola topping and came in a cute little pie tin. No complaints as far as presentation goes.

The crust did not overly impress me. It served its purpose, but was rather blasé. However, it was substantial enough that it provided a good pie-to-filling ratio. And, despite a day in the sun, followed by a day in my refrigerator, the crust held up well. So tack on some points for that.

The topping made me feel like maybe I was getting my fiber, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the granola topping. I think perhaps what bothered me is that there was so much of it that it was a little overwhelming.

The pear-sweetened rhubarb filling, however, was the real gem of this pie. It was really nice, fresh rhubarb, and it had a good level of sweetness and tartness (which is very important to me with rhubarb).

Overall Rating: 3 out of 5 slices. This is definitely a pie worth picking up if you’re out at the market or in Hood River. I only rank it so low because the crust is so important to me, and I wasn’t amazed by this crust.

Other Notes: Packer Orchards also sells pre-made pie-fillings by the jar – just add crust! Looks like they’re out of it their online store right now, but I’ll probably see if I can pick up some from them at the market and try it out.

Packer Orchards and Bakery
3900 Hwy 35
Hood River, OR 97031

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