Search Post: dirty jokes about eating pie

Mud Pie

Here’s a new segment @ Make Me Some Pie – it’s called “Search Post”.

Thanks to fancy technology, I can see what people are searching for when they arrive at my blog. So, if I see something interesting that people are searching for that I haven’t covered on the blog yet, I’ll write a post about it. Today’s search topic was: “dirty jokes about eating pie”

You want a dirty joke about eating pie? Ok, here it goes, but I am warning you, it’s going to be REAL dirty. Here we go:

An apple pie and a guy are talking in a bar, and the guy says, “So, what are the other pies like?”

The apple pie pauses, and says, “Well, Cherry is real sweet. And Chocolate Cream is smooth as can be. Pumpkin is nice, but dumb as can be.”

The guy leans in and whispers, “So… do you know any dirty pies?”

Apple pie says “Well yeah, there’s cow pie and mud pie. They’re both filthy”.

Photo by Russell J Smith

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